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Synopsis:The last year of high school is always a time of both looking forward to the bright future that awaits you, and looking back to the happy memories you had made with your friends. Sometimes the uncertainty fo what the future would bring would frighten you, but the certainty of making the most of everyday would help keep your eyes forward and stride confidently into the unknown. 

For Wakana Sakai, who had started studying music, it's time to face the tragedy that made her abandon that path in the past, and reconcile the happy memories she had shared with her late mother. For Sawa Okita, it's about her dreams of riding professionally and confronting the person that is standing in her way of achieving her goals. And for Konatsu Miyamoto, it's about bringing her friends together through the magic of a song one last time before they graduate.  Can something as simple as the formation of a choir club really help solve the hurts and pangs that come with growing up? Can music bring people together despite their differences, be it their upbringing, interests and nature? Amidst their ordinary lives, they learn to let the music they sing to weave their high school memories together into an unforgettable adventure.

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Episode 13 - "Growing Sunny, Crying and Sometimes Singing"
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