Gathering and Struggling
Episode Information
Kanji 焦ったり あがいたり
Rōmanji Asettari Agaitari
Air date July 8, 2012
Opening Dreamer
Ending Kokoro no Senritsu
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"Gathering and Struggling" (Japanese: 焦ったり あがいたり Asettari Agaitari) is the second episode of the Tari Tari series, produced by P.A.Works and directed by Masakazu Hashimoto. The episode originally aired on July 8, 2012.

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Sawa brings Wakana and Konatsu to her house, showing Wakana what happened to Konatsu during last year's recital and getting her sign up for their new club in name. Putting their heads together, they manage to gather enough members to present to the principal, Tayoru Ikezaki, who approves it when he sees Wakana is involved and becomes its advisor. Afterwards, Konatsu gets Wakana to help her decide what kind of song they should practise, eventually settling on a song she used to hear her mother sing to her. However, the vice-principal, Naoko Takakura, is somewhat objective of the song for some reason. When Tayoru goes missing when the club needs to go to a joint rehearsal, Konatsu sends Wakana ahead of her whilst she waits for him. With Tayoru out due to a bicycle accident, Konatsu and Wakana get Tomoko to accompany them and arrive at the theatre, but the rest of the club is stuck in traffic. Not wanting to be deterred, Konatsu and Sawa go out on their own, with Wakana backing them up on piano, and manage to pull through. Afterwards, Naoko is put in charge of advising the club whilst Tayoru recovers.

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  • The ending song "Kokoro no Senritsu" was sung by Konatsu (voiced by Asami Seto) and Sawa (voiced by Saori Hayami).

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