Atsuhiro Maeda
Kanji 前田 敦博/ ウィーン
Rōmaji Maeda Atsuhiro / Wien
Gender Male
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Birthdate May 5th
Zodiac Taurus
Blood Type A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1

   Atsuhiro Maeda (前田 敦博, Maeda Atsuhiro), also known as Wien is one of the main character from the Tari Tari series. He is a transfer student coming from Austria from where he stayed 12 years.

Appearance Edit

Wien character profile

Wien has short, brown hair and brown eyes, he has a thin, lithe build. He is as tall as Taichi.

His school uniform consists of a white shirt, red tie, dark belt, blue trousers and brown shoes.


Wien is a careful but reliable friend. He often uses books as a source for everything he needs. Wien is also known to be hard-working, helpful and creative as shown when he was the one who made the props for their play. Wien is also an ambitious person, commonly wanting to achieve any given goal to him.

Background Edit

Wien had high hopes on improving his vocal skills and often consulted a vocal training book about it, even to the point of training Tanaka's voice as well. When Wien moved to Japan, he was unsure of the country so he usually consulted a Japanese Culture Book to learn more about the country itself, though this book was usually inaccurate.

Plot Edit

During his stay in Austria, he had made a friend named Yang. Before leaving for Japan, he had given Yang the Red Gamba Ranger as a remembrance of him. But despite the books, he was still unable to cope with the new country as Tanaka kept on telling him not to consult those books anymore. Instead, it was Tanaka who helped him learn more about Japan and the two eventually became best friends. Later on, Tanaka had convinced Wien to join the Badminton Club to prevent it from being disbanded. But due to a loss from a 3:2 Badminton match from the Choir Club to the Badminton Club, he and Tanaka were to join the "Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club". He was last seen singing "Shiokaze no Haamonii" with the last four members of the club after Sawa left to study. Wien is also the undisputed leader of the "WestStop Rangers" wherein he plays as the Red Ranger.